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So, for my next snailmail project I wanted to make something special, because this penpall from Ireland recently gave birth to a little boy. 

So I cut a piece of cardbox from a box (any card box will do, mostly you can get old boxes for free from your local supermarket) I cut a piece from the side because the folds are already there, which makes it easier to fold later on.

After you’ve got a good piece of cardboard you start start to plaster it with a blue paper, then you cut out some cloud shaped white papers and put them on there!

Then you punch two holes in both sides so you can place some rope between them, that will make something that looks like a clothesline…

Now you can hang whatever you like with tiny clothespins to both clotheslines… For example you can make a little envelop to put you letter in… When you’re all done you fold it up and it’s ready to send!

And when she opens it, it will look like this!

(Just keep in mind that cardboard is heavier than normal paper and you will pay for that while sending!)

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